Lunch at Modesto’s

Up until before Jamie’s arrived at Vivocity I always went to Modesto’s for dinner. They had a very laidback vibe, always seated you near the waterfront, and served some amazing pizzas/pastas.

My favourite starter there was the portabella in parmesan sauce:

It’s meaty and creamy, and the parmesan sauce has some white wine in there too. Amazing. I could eat this all by myself but unfortunately always had to share it with friends.

Their complimentary focaccia is really soft, light, and oily. I have not been able to replicate that texture yet with my breadmaker.

My favourite pasta there is the squid ink linguine in the prawn bisque sauce with prawns and scallops. So good. The Vivo branch (since closed) does it better than the Orchard branch. A close second is the vongole, which is wine-y and clammy and is amazing.

I really like their diavola pizza with the spicy salami. This one is like a meat lover’s pizza, with prosciutto and ham and pepperoni.

Look at those neat, thin slices, all happily rolled up.

The mushroom pizza is quite forgettable though. In general their pizza base is quite good cause they use a wood fired oven. It could probably stand to be thinner, although I’ve not tried Modesto’s pizzeria yet.

I also recommend their antipasti platter with grilled vegetables, mozzarella, and prosciutto. It is amazing. There is a Modesto’s pizzeria in Vivo now on the top floor but I still wish they’d bring the regular one back instead of Jamie’s :( Although to be practical I can’t deny that renting the space to Jamie’s instead of Modesto’s is a lot better for business, given its celebrity status.


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