Lunch at Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice

This is a crazy crowded place to eat lunch – we had to park the car way deep into the surrounding private housing estate during one weekday lunch! I think it’s also pretty out of the way for everybody so you kind of have to drive to get here.

I didn’t really like this place, more for hygiene reasons than for food reasons. Also I think duck rice ought to be the yam rice variety, not just white rice, which is what they served.

Not even if they ladle some corn-starch gravy on top!

So I don’t really know why this place is so popular. Pretty much the only draw I can see is that the duck is sliced incredibly thin and is very tender.

It looks good, that’s for sure. All glazed over with their gravy and everything.

All the side dishes were forgettable – the kang kong with not nearly enough sambal

And the tofu in some viscous liquid.

No, I don’t really think people come here for those. So my main quibble was that they gave me improperly washed cutlery and crockery – my bowl/fork/spoon smelt of raw poultry through the entire meal, and it was pretty disgusting.

That said, nothing else was truly outstanding, not the duck (which is braised, not roasted), not the rice, not the veggies. It’s price-y and the service sucks – they can spot a newbie in the establishment from a mile away and give you all the optional fixings which you later have to pay for (napkins). They also have a system of referring you to their other equally harried colleagues when you’re looking for a spot to sit. The food takes eons to come, so one can never be sure what is happening with it and if the order you placed with the staff was placed with an order-taking staff and not simply forgotten. We were seated in this spot for ages and ages nobody approached us to take our order, which is simply silly business practice considering how crowded they were.

In all we paid something like $17 for our two bowls of rice, one plate of duck (for two), veggies, tofu, and perhaps a drink, I don’t remember. This is really expensive for hawker food I’m thinking, considering I already had to drive here. I’ve never been back!

I think the key draw for L here was that he ate here once when he was interning at Fusionopolis or perhaps when he was doing some cross country bike trip with some army buddies – I think when you’re sufficiently hungry, anything will taste nice.


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