Lunch at El Patio

El Patio website

We came here out of a Mexican food craving – this is actually the only Mexican joint I’ve been to here except for Chili’s, and that doesn’t really count.

Apparently it’s been around since 1985! The colorful signboard and fonts and our hot weather were all very good at creating the atmosphere.

elmenuI thought this was cute.

We started with some tortilla chips with salsa
eltortiand ordered a side of their queso con chile
elquesoA really tiny glass bowl of nacho cheese which you can get from Bel Monte Latin Supermarket. It was the perfect portion for two. Not hard to make either, if you just crack open a can of nacho cheese. I was expecting something more like Chili’s skillet queso.

Next up were the fajitas in soft tortillas. They are really stingy with the sour cream, salsa, and guacamole, like any Singaporean Mexican restaurant.

This is probably the only thing that kills the whole South American vibe: Stinginess. Any Mexican chain in the states are happy to give you as much condiment as you like, enough to give you a heart attack. In fact there are even articles on how to game the system in Chipotle. Perhaps I should try those here. You’ll be surprised how many (more enlightened) restaurants are ok with giving you an extra side of sauce.

The fajita chicken was sizzling on the skillet and always makes everyone in the vicinity want to order the exact same thing. It smelt amazing and tasted amazing, although I would have liked more vegetables in it.

For some reason we decided to also order a side of their chicken wings. They have some fancy pants name in the menu which I forget but that managed to successfully tempt me to order them. These were really, really good. Even better than the Malay fried chicken wings across the road in the hawker centre!

I would definitely come back, but I want to try Cha Cha Cha first, which is 2 doors down. The only downside here is that they don’t seem to have any lunch specials, whereas other restaurants have been reacting to La Nonna’s 1-for-1 pizza or pasta with their own lunch deals! So the food here is a little pricey for Mexican food, I think we spent somewhere between $50-$60 for lunch.


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