1 for 1 lunch at Barossa

Barossa website

We had lunch here after discovering their 1 for 1 offers, which is both cheaper and also a little more attractive than La Nonna’s!

They feature 2 or 3 course sets at $18++ or $22++ and you get to choose one main out of three, accompanied by a soup or salad. The 3 course one features a dessert of the day. And they are 1 for 1!

Their soup of the day was a creamy tomato soup

This was served with a nice thick wedge of garlic bread for dipping. I quite liked their tomato soup – it was thick and smooth (not exactly creamy as advertised) but pretty strong. Would have been better with some olive oil for drizzling.

L opted for the burger, which had a well seasoned patty, some melty cheddar, and a slice of tomato, served with fries and a little salad. Very satisfying.

I liked my prawn aglio olio better though:

It had really juicy prawns and was fried perfectly with lots of garlic and chunks of shiitake mushrooms. The pasta was al dente to boot!

Everything was pretty amazing. They don’t serve iced water, so you have to order drinks. I asked for some tonic, but my order was mistaken as a gin & tonic! The first time I order a cocktail with a meal here and it was accidental. I used to have cocktails all the time in Zaza’s because they did some nasty ones with godiva chocolate liqueur, but a lot of the cocktails here are so island-y/ fruity and I don’t really fancy that. The gin and tonic was good though.

I guess we’ve found our new lunch spot in Holland V! Great execution, great lighting, great prices. The service is a little slow but the food is well worth it.


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