Dinner at Shin Kushiya

Shin Kushiya website

We headed here for dinner one friday night before another Franc Franc shopping expedition especially since I’ve been into Kushiyaki ever since we had it at Rakuichi and it was mindblowingly awesome. Sad to say Rakuichi’s kushiyaki is heads and shoulders over Shin Kushiya’s. Even Tori Q’s chicken balls are better than theirs, which is full of tendons and weird bits. Or perhaps they are meant to be like that, I’m no grilled chicken ball connoisseur.

They look nice and charred but are a little light on the sauce.

We really liked the pork wrapped enoki – that was one of the best things to order here. I’d generally steer clear of anything with minced chicken meat in it, including the chicken stuffed shiitake. The grilled cod was alright, if not a little overdone.

The chawanmushi was average, nothing spectacular. We just order this everywhere because I really like chawanmushi. Haven’t found a place that does it better than sushi tei though.

For some reason I was craving qing1 dan4 things so we ordered some rice in dashi with salmon flakes. I liked it actually, but I don’t really recommend ordering it :P Their menu is extensive (does that mean they don’t really specialize in anything?) so you’ll have no problems finding things to order.

I also liked the fried tofu with scallions and garlic chips. Look how beautifully golden they are.

The best part of the meal was the dessert – we had their black sesame (goma) parfait, with home made black sesame cream (NOT zhi ma hu, just more of a sort of black sesame mousse that accompanies the ice cream), black sesame ice cream, a black sesame wafer dipped in white sesame seeds, and some strawberries. The black sesame ice cream was the best I’ve ever had! I highly recommend ordering dessert!

If you are looking for the Tori-Q style of grilling which is heavy on the marinade, you will be rather disappointed here – the kushiyaki are minimally glazed and seasoned so as to let the flavors of the ingredients shine, which is not a bad thing at all.

I would definitely come back to try some of the other dishes (we obviously didn’t manage to cover everything between the two of us) but I can’t say I like how there were nearly as many misses as hits.


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