Lunch at Chez Petit Salut

Chez Petit Salut website

So we headed here about a week ago because we wanted to check out the buffalo mozzarella at La Fromagerie. It has closed! Replaced by some hair or nail salon, didn’t really take note of the details. So we couldn’t get our buffalo mozzarella. If I’m not wrong their online store is still up and running, but one doesn’t really want to buy cheese online, does one.

I’d previously read a somewhat mediocre review of this place from S, but I liked it quite a bit. The a la carte menu is a little pricey for lunch (a main is about $30?), but the lunch sets are really quite nice. It’s not difficult to find and has an easy ambience with good lighting.

We started with the tarte flambee and some pork rillettes. L has a newfound love for rillettes ever since we ordered it at Platters, and even earlier when we ordered it during his Dad’s birthday of 2012 at Bistro du Sommelier – their salmon rillettes are really good. I liked the pork rillettes here although I think in general a lot of restaurants serve too little bread for spreading – perhaps you’re just supposed to scoff huge spoonfuls of pork like ice cream? They do serve warmed bread and butter to start your meal, but we forgot to save any for the rillettes.

The tarte flambee saw sliced yellow onions and bacon in a bechamel sauce, flambeed on a pizza like crust. It was good – the onion and bechamel mixture was really rich and blended nicely together. It didn’t really seem “flambeed” as much as baked in an oven. Simple enough to make, I think!

For the second course (the lunch sets have 3 courses – appetizer, main, and dessert + coffee/tea for $30++), I ordered the catch of the day (sea bass) with escabeche and he had the beef stroganoff on pommes puree.

The snapper had beautifully seared skin and really tender, flaky meat which went nicely with the stewed yellow peppers and onions.

Here’s a closeup of it served with some microgreens. This was a good choice I think.

The beef stroganoff was extremely rich (or perhaps it was the buttery potato puree) and was studded with some cremini mushrooms. L really liked this – the meat was medium rare I think and extremely juicy. It says it’s sauteed with garlic and onions in the menu but this was really more braised than anything else, and pretty delicious to boot. You won’t like it if you prefer your steaks well done :S The flavours here melded perfectly.

For desserts I had the profiteroles

which were very nice, flooded in a rich belgian chocolate sauce and stuffed with ice cream (is that easier to serve in profiteroles than creme patissiere?)

L had the creme brulee which was eh, not too bad, but mine is better (Alton Brown’s recipe). I would definitely bring people here for birthday celebrations (engineers are not fussy people and usually eat at much worse places imo) as I am really interested in their chocolate tart :P In general I like their execution – it’s about comparable to what you get at The University Club.


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