Lunch at Sushi Tei

Another of those lazy thursday lunches at Holland Village – I should do a series on all the restaurants there and my favourites. I think my current favourite there is Barossa, followed by La Nonna.

At some point I will realize it makes much more sense to apply for the sushi tei membership – I think it’s 10% off your meal and even more in your birthday month, similar to the Paradise Group/Jumbo. L’s dad doesn’t believe in such memberships because he doesn’t want to be constrained by these extra considerations in deciding where to eat. But I think he’s not as serious about food as me, plus the Paradise discount comes in really handy every time we eat at Canton Paradise at Star Vista.

We change things up a little every time we eat at sushi tei, or you will see us consuming the yakitori don and chawanmushi all the time. This time, we ordered the grilled steak with garlic

This was pretty tender, but a little too rare for me. I think their meats in general are not super fresh compared to a really legit sushi place (rakuichi, fukuichi, etc.), but good enough.

We also tried one of the seasonal specials – some omu yakisoba – yakisoba wrapped in an omelette. It was… interesting. But I think the standard menu (into which immense research must have been invested) is usually better than the seasonal menu for me. Didn’t really like this. I guess I prefer rice in my omu.


We also decided to try a bowl of their stewed veggies. Well.. it was interesting. But nothing memorable here.

Haha sometimes the price for adventurousness in ordering is a little hefty.


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