Dinner at the Chop House

The Chop House website

We came here on the pretext of trying all the interesting restaurants in Vivocity but new ones keep popping up! I’m really interested in the Taiwanese restaurant on the first floor, and we haven’t even started on the basement restaurants (although I think those are mostly chains).

The vibe here is super Australian – the menu, the waterfront seating, the portions, etc. which comes as no surprise as it was opened by the Wooloomooloo group.

They serve a platter of 3 types of sauces – onion jam, mustard, and something else I can’t quite remember, to slather onto your steaks and chops. We ordered a burger and their bangers and mash, and they both went fantastically with the onion jam.

I’ve tried to recreate the jam myself using Joshua Bousel’s recipe and it is pretty legit.

L really liked the burger. It was a bacon cheeseburger and the beef patty was really well grilled, the entire thing was juicy and tender and every good thing a burger can be.

I liked that it came with a side of tater tots. :P You just don’t grow out of tater tots. Of course here they call them hash browns.

The bangers and mash were served in a skillet, and the sausages were really pork honey sausages that were sweet and savory and delicious all at the same time. I suppose it’s not a really orthodox order since you’re at a chop house, but I usually can’t resist bangers & mash. I like the rendition at Nine Thirty one too, but this one is better (cause they don’t use sour cream in their mashed potatoes).

It’s a pretty casual place to do dinner, especially since it has a great view of sentosa if you’re seated at the waterfront. Great for 20-30 somethings looking for some meat and beer.


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