Katong Laksa in Holland V

This place has been around for ages, and has even revamped its store front (which used to be of the “point point rice” variety in which you point at which fixings you want with your nasi lemak) – now everything is ordered via 4 ipads that are positioned at the front of the stall, freeing up a lot of space for more customers and air flow etc. (there used to be pretty long queues at this place). When your food is ready, your beeper (like those from the Shake Shack or at Ramen Champion) will start beeping and you go up to the counter to collect your food. It’s an amazingly efficient system (4 people can order at the same time), and the programming for the ordering app is pretty good albeit a little difficult to navigate should you want to add more things to your laksa/nasi lemak (I like adding a sunny side up).

The laksa here packs a punch of spice and is amazing both with and without the chilli. Best laksa in Holland V and probably within a 5 km radius at least :P It comes with chopped laksa leaves, fish cake, prawns, and you can add your own sambal at the table. Almost everyone finishes every last drop of curry unless they are on a diet.

The nasi lemak is as good as the laksa, with fragrant coconut rice and beautifully spiced and battered chicken. It can probably gives the nasi lemak stall in the main Holland V hawker center a run for its money.

The sambal that comes with the nasi lemak is different from the sambal that’s freely available at the tables though, so make sure you have enough when you collect your food!


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