Lunch at Lee’s Taiwanese, Star Vista

Lee’s Taiwanese website

We had lunch here a week ago while I was craving something Asian. Their salt and pepper chicken [$6.90] has always looked really tempting on the menu outside and so we finally tried it today.

It’s pretty much like the Taiwanese shihlin chicken cutlet – with the slightly fermented taste but with more fats than the chicken cutlet. I like Shihlin chicken better.

LZ tried the pig stomach mee sua set [$15.90]. It was a little too funky for me – I don’t really like pig’s stomach, but kway chap broth manages to cover up most of the bad odors from innard. This did not.

I ordered a braised egg [$1.80] with my rice. (Salt and pepper chicken rice is 12.90 i think. Salt and pepper chicken is 6.90. A bowl of rice is $2. Go figure!) It was alright but not particularly flavourful.

The gyoza [$5.90] had strange smelling pork in it. The only redeeming thing in this dish was the julienned ginger and the vinegar -.-

The best part of the meal was the bok choy, which is un-screw-uppable and kind of indicates the kind of food you can get here. I also liked the rice, which was very moist and sticky.

Most everything is a tad too salty or oily or just plain weird. And I don’t think it’s because saltiness or oiliness are inherent characteristics in Taiwanese cuisine. I probably won’t be coming back here, the execution is too lousy for my standards. However if you really want Taiwanese salt and pepper chicken this is probably the only place in Star Vista that offers it!

Our lunch was about $38 which isn’t even that cheap. We got a set that came with the milk tea, and even that was waaay too sweet.


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