Dinner at sQue Rotisserie and Alehouse

sQue Website

This place is a pretty low key bar right next to The Central at Clarke Quay which we found through google map combing (we had an errand to run in the Central and were looking for a place to dine at nearby).

They have a wide range of alcoholic beverages and both indoor and outdoor seating, although outdoor seating proves more popular due to the excellent view of the Singapore river.

The front of the restaurant also showcases a humongous oven of rotating chickens on spits. I think this is their most popular dish – they had just finished one batch and the next one would only have been ready in 45 mins, so we opted for a salad and their fish and chips [$19.50].

This was actually pretty nicely done – flaky sole with just the right amount of batter. LZ like the chips too; it came with a red cabbage slaw though which I’m not a fan of.

The Caesar salad [$16] was alright, although the dressing seems to be out of the kind of bottles you can find in any grocery store. They should make it themselves – it was too sour and did not have enough anchovies. Then again the kind of demographic that dines here seems somewhat unlikely to order a salad with their beer. The egg was soft boiled perfectly though.

So the place is named sQue because they sell skewers. The first time I saw it I thought it was pronuonced ‘square’ but without rolling the r. -.- What kind of weird spelling is this! You may as well call your restaurant Skewe. They do 3 types of skewers (two of which were out on the day I went, so we had to order the shrimp one [$9.50] to try.

It was way overcooked and pretty tough to get off the skewer. Also it’s served on a bed of rocket and with a little dish of chopped onion in balsamic vinegar – interesting but can’t they at least mix up a proper chutney?

The main picture that attracted me to this restaurant was that of its Belgian chocolate mousse [$9], which looks so delectable (even in the photo I took). It was pretty bad however – the mousse was not creamy, had too much gelatine, and I didn’t really get what it was made of (look at that strange cross section below). I definitely wouldn’t call it a mousse.

The biscuit base tasted of margarine and artificial durian flavouring and the only redeemable thing was the strawberry. Even the ice cream it came with was barely passable. I was pretty disappointed! L says I can probably give a quantitative rating of how good food is based on what percent of a particular dish I eat (the rest I leave to him hahah). The higher the percentage of completion, the higher the rating of the restaurant. He said this because most of the mousse was left on the plate and he had to finish it :P

I think to eat here, you really need to know what to order. I’d definitely go for the Rotisserie chicken which comes with 3-4 different glazes (it’s 20% off mains + rotisserie items on Monday) and the fish and chips; you can skip the skewers (hunks of overcooked meat), and definitely skip the desserts. Most people come here for drinks, so to be fair it does pretty good food for a bar (which does not need to serve things that are edible as much as they are filling)


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