Dinner at Kith Cafe

Kith Cafe website

So L was very proud of finding this place himself (probably from reading his fav blog (LadyIronChef)) and I actually really liked the food here. They’re a cafe, so they have the typical range of drinks – coffees, teas, chocolates, juices, etc. This is the blended chocolate [$8.50] we got:

There’s a wide selection of cakes at the counter (including a white chocolate yoghurt cake that was highly recommended but I’m not really a fan of yoghurt in my cakes). They also have pastas, pizzas, and sandwiches, all of which look pretty amazing. One of the specials that day was a crabmeat linguine [$22] with garlic? It was pretty much perfect.

Slick, crabby, with little cherry tomatoes that pop in your mouth.

We also tried their pizza since their pizza oven was new :P They have pretty interesting selections, including a kung pao chicken pizza. We decided to give their ham, mushroom, mozzarella, and white truffle oil pizza [$22] a go.

Pretty fantastic – they’re quite generous with their mozzarella; the pizza crust was nice but could be crispier/chewier/bubblier. Still it was charred and pretty thin. And they did a pretty amazing pizza for a cafe.

There’s indoor and outdoor seating, but if you opt for indoor seating, some of the tables are big wooden picnic tables with benches which you may have to share with another group. It’s not so bad, the sharing vibe is more like a big group of dwarfs feasting at Bilbo’s table. I’ll definitely be back.


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