Dinner at Gourmet

So we’ve started eating more hawker food nowadays before we leave in August/September. It’s really cheap and extremely satisfying. I think if all hawkers selling decent fried hokkien mee upped their prices to $10 a plate I would be ok with that.

There’s this cute punny stall in the Gourmet coffee shop at Bishan (it took over the Mcdonalds that used to be there) that recently opened. I’m always jealous of LZ’s house because it’s got all this amazing hawker food around it. There are only two things worth ordering near my house – the chicken rice at Blk 747 near the MRT, and the fried carrot cake at St 61 which is a half an hour walk. Actually I think the hokkien mee served in a banana leaf at the North Point food court is also worth a try.

This does not need “affordability” to sell. It’s good enough on its own! A plate of hokkien mee from Xiao Huo Zi was $4, gooey, full of wok-hei, with fresh prawns. These pictures are going to torture me in a few months. They also do carrot cake, oh luah, and char kway teow. The service time takes a little while (probably because they have a large back log of orders) but it was totally worth it.

So I actually really like cai fan (En translation: Economy vegetable rice). The picture shows rice with stir fried veggies, sweet and sour pork, and a large slice of onion omelette which was only $3.20 in total. I did an entire post on cai fan when I was studying in Ithaca. The craving just hit one night! I don’t know which dishes exactly, but I like most of the dishes in cai fan (or as L’s parents call it, point point rice). My company sells it in the canteen but they even manage to screw that up. Sometimes the rice is overcooked:

And the dishes use unfresh ingredients and have terrible execution. One could really lose weight if one ate in the office, but unfortunately I’ve since stopped eating there and started going out nearly all the time. Or if I eat in the canteen, I bring my own lunch to join my colleagues. It’s just not cost-effective to eat there – not that it’s expensive or anything but I usually leave half of my food on my plate due to inedibility. And I have the kind of shape that can’t afford all these unnecessary calories :P

The caifan here is okay, but I think they are a little stingy on the meat. One of my favourite dishes to order at caifan is the stewed potato slices in a brown sauce. So I tried to order this (they had a few pieces left over swimming in the sauce) but the guy refused to serve it to me even though I offered to pay the normal price. If this is the case, then why don’t they serve the entire batch in the tray when the last person ordered it? I’ll never understand the crazy illogical thought processes of the people here. Maybe he was saving it for himself, which I can totally understand had he bothered articulating it. It’s just a freaking potato -.-


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