Lunch at Mai Thai

Mai Thai website

This place does an incredible tom yum soup that looks really mild at first sight

But totally packs a punch! They have both dried chilli padis as well as fresh chili padis in it. It’s not red or anything but we were both sweating like crazy. Thai iced tea is absolutely essential when you order this! I think their tom yum soup would make a great diet menu. You just have to eat it 3 times a day, accompanied by a litre of ice cold water. Instant weight loss :P There are like no fats and no carbs in the soup, just lots of straw mushrooms and really fresh prawns. We felt really full at the end of the meal just because of the amount of water/tea we consumed to combat the soup.

They do have 3-course lunch sets at $14.80++ if I am not wrong – you get to choose an appetizer – Tom yum soup, papaya salad, or mango salad, and a main – green curry, panang curry, pad thai, and smth else I don’t really remember. Maybe pineapple rice? The dessert is fixed and you get a free drink. It’s pretty worth it!

I didn’t get the set because I wanted to try some of the other amazing looking things on the menu. I really liked their prawn cakes [$12] – they’re fat, juicy, and perfectly breaded, served with a sweet and sticky plum sauce.

I also tried their chicken fried kway tiao [$12], which is not like pad thai or like pad see ew – I’ve never had it before but it’s really good. The noodles are springy and lightly colored – almost as if they were not seasoned. It’s not spicy, and there’s plenty of peanuts and lime for you to squeeze over the noodles.

L got the panang curry with chicken. I think I would have preferred the green curry – it’d probably be milder. Still, this was pretty good, served with rice. Pretty different from Singaporean nonya curries, I think Thai curries have more spices? Or at least different spices, like basil and a lot more lemon grass.

Stewed tapioca with coconut milk was the dessert of the day. It was sweet and gooey, almost like a western dessert pudding but prepared simply with a plant.

The service here was impeccable, the waiter/owner? was friendly, actually spoke Thai, and sympathized with the spiciness of the tom yum soup. I also had a great time watching other ang mohs eat the soup, which is way spicier than any tom yum soup you’ll find in an American Thai restaurant :P The ones sitting opposite us were pretty valiant in their effort :P

I will definitely come back to try more of the menu, like the prawn toast and Thai fish cakes.


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