Dessert at Patisserie G

Patisserie G website

So after seeing several reviews of this patisserie randomly on facebook and perhaps in Appetite, I decided we had to come here to kaypoh. It’s not one of the typical places I go to because of how out of the way Millenia Walk is but man was it totally worth it!

We tried the G-spot [$9], which is a chocolate mousse with some sponge base covered in ganache.

The mousse and smooth and creamy, but I liked the ganache best. There’s something about hemispheres of chocolate dreams, I can’t quite put my finger on. It physically calls out to you to eat it. You’ll notice the mousse looks just like the one at Sque but is 100x better.

We also tried their gateau saint-honore [$8], which I believe Antoinette also carries.The caramel encrusting the little choux puffs is divine, as is the sable base of the entire gateau. I always think cutting choux puffs in half instead of piping your creme patissiere in is a bit of a cop out but in this case it works really well because of the beautiful presentation. The choux puffs are not quite filled with custard but with some extremely floaty vanilla bean cream that oozes out by the dollop with each bite.

The chocolate eclair [$5.50] was beautifully glazed (doesn’t it look shiny?) and had a really nice chocolate custard inside, but the choux pastry was somewhat stiff, which I didn’t like. Still it is a very good rendition. The shop sells various sables and cookies on the side, as well as macarons [$3] which I didn’t really try because they were largely fruit-flavoured and there weren’t any floral ones.

Update: We went back on Friday after dinner at L’entrecote and tried their textures of tiramisu:

Those little hazelnut looking blobs stuck to the gelatine are actually little cakes. This was not too bad, but I definitely prefer their chocolate mousse type desserts. It’s a pretty good rendition of a tiramisu, although one of my favourite bits is the espresso soaked savoiardi fingers, and this had more mascarpone.

You can see a little of the cross section.

We tried their French hot chocolate, which is amazingly thick – made with real chocolate and heavy cream (according to the cashier.. I’m curious to know just how many people in Singapore know what “heavy cream” is if she explained that to them). It’s like a big, chocolate ganache, and totally worth the calories. I think it’s $4.50 for a small cup (shown in picture), and $8 for a bigger one.

This is a great place to buy desserts back for the family. They’re all single serving sized though, so you can get a selection.


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