Dinner at Pizzeria Mozza

Pizzeria Mozza website

This is just one of many interesting restaurants in The Shoppes at Marina Bay – the Osteria version is just to the left of it (with the same entrance), so you have to scrutinize the menu for both restaurants outside before deciding which direction you want to turn upon entering.

They serve some carta di musica in a pocket to start, covered with pecorino and rosemary. It was terribly addictive, but you don’t want to fill up on it. Would be better with some marinara sauce.

This place has a wood fired oven that it uses not just for pizzas, but for many other items on the antipasti menu. E.g., we started with a Bismarck style asparagus [$17] (without the egg), but with grated parmesan and prosciutto. The asparagus was grilled in the oven.

Delicious. Doesn’t have quite the same wok hei as the josper grill at MAD but this was the perfect amount of umami with the prosciutto and parmesan, but not too much as to subdue the taste of the charred bits :)

Another amazing dish al forno was the mussels [$18] – we were originally waffling between ordering the mussels and the prawns, and we didn’t regret it one bit. The mussels were beautiful, fresh, soft, easily shucked, and served in a garlicky white wine sauce that’s incredibly dippable with the pizza crust. They also drizzle some salsa romesco on, which seems to have more of a mayonnaise consistency than that of ground nuts but it was still delicious.

We sort of ordered their diavola pizza [$29] but without the fresh chilis; I’m not sure if they mixed up the order or anything but this salami was certainly not spicy at all. Anyone who knows me well will know that the diavola pizza is one of my go-to orders at any Italian restaurant but this one is probably the worst diavola I’ve ever had. The crust is great, but the tomato sauce base was strange, too sour, and well, I don’t really like a high level of pork fat in my salami; these were almost like chinese la chang. Nope. Will probably go for the rocket and prosciutto pizza next time, which the next table enjoyed.

The next table had a rather interesting quartet of people who ALL ordered a pizza apiece. I was taken aback and thought perhaps our order was insufficient, because we’d ordered one pizza to share between the two of us. What’s the point of eating with people if you’re not going to share food?(germophobes aside) Two of them even had the exact same order. Well as it turns out they struggled quite a bit to finish, both the girls had more than half their pizzas left.

If you prefer handmade pastas you can turn left instead to try out Osteria Mozza’s offerings which also look pretty interesting :)


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