Dinner at Prego

Prego website

After watching Fat Pig at the DBS Arts Centre, we decided to head to Prego for some Italian food. I’ve never actually tried it – the only thing I’ve ordered from there was their chicken pies, which are delicious. If I’m not wrong they used to be something like $4.50? Now they only sell massive pies at $8.

Each table is started off with a bread box containing grissini, focaccia, and carta di musica, all of which is very good. They serve the breads with a cheese/olive dip but no olive oil. The cheese dip is really tasty but I think when push comes to shove, my favourite condiment for italian bread starters is marinara sauce. Their focaccia is also really spongy and soft, perfect for sopping up olive oil. The waiters here are extremely genteel and will probably bring you whatever you want.

Prego has an antipasti bar that you can order various bruschetta, grilled, or stewed vegetables for $5 a portion. It’s such a great idea. They also do meat/cheese platters where you get to select 4 different meats/cheeses for $16.

We tried the mushroom bruschetta, which was grilled mushrooms on a slice of bread spread with some sort of artichoke dip, and then sprinkled with parmesan. This was lovely. The prosciutto bruschetta looked very good as well.

We also got the stracciatella [$26] to start – it was humongous. It came with beautiful cherry tomatoes dressed in some olive oil and succulent king prawns. The stracciatella cheese itself was nothing really amazing – I much prefer Da Laura‘s rendition, with extra creamy burrata. I would also probably have preferred some balsamic vinegar to accompany this. The king prawns were really nice though.

I ordered the risotto contadina [$34], since I liked the contadina pasta at Okay Italia in Budapest so much. This one was stewed with grilled artichoke, pecorino cheese, and pancetta lardons. Pretty delicious, but what a humongous portion! I got it with some grated cheese and black pepper on top. We had to take it away, especially after the already large stracciatella starter and bread box.

L got the lasagna [$34], which seems to have more bechamel sauce than cheese. Traditionally I believe the cheese on top should be parmesan, not whatever they used. It was nice, but a tad too saucy? Our lasagnas in Bologna were always rather dry and had a lot more oomph. Even though it was plated so nicely in a cast iron pan I think this isn’t one of the better renditions of lasagna in Singapore. So far I do think the best I’ve had was prepared by Fabio ;) or myself.

I didn’t think the food here was particularly mindblowing, given the price. Perhaps we didn’t order the right things? Or perhaps the portions were too big. The risotto definitely made us feel a bit gelat after awhile. I really wanted to try their desserts but we simply didn’t have space. Another time, perhaps.


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