Lunch at Luke Mangam’s Salt Bar and Grill

So we went here for our anniversary after hearing about the view and the food etc. It was a really nice place for lunch! Lz says the reservation site has an option to get a window seat (since this is on the 55th storey and allows you to see the whole of Singapore, basically) for $20 but we were going for lunch and thought it somewhat unnecessary. (We were right). I think if you go early enough (we were the first ones there) you’ll definitely get whichever seats you want, just that the sun shining in may make things a tad warm, but not to the point of discomfort.

They started us with some really nice freshly baked bread with olive oil and dukkah:

The dukkah is Luke’s own recipe of spices and sesame seeds etc. It has a bit of a middle eastern flavour and I wasn’t real fond of it, although I hear it’s real popular with just about everybody.

L got the set which comes with a starter and a main for $45++.

He opted for the Sydney glass crab omelette in a miso mustard broth – this was pretty amazing. We both liked it a lot, although it’s kind of a lot for a starter. There are tender crab chunks in the omelette and it’s topped up with enoki and chilli shreds. The broth is also pretty amazing, but you gotta like wasabi/horseradish to appreciate it.

And the pan seared sea bass with some caper/tomato dressing. Tasted extremely.. indian. It wasn’t bad but the execution is about on par with that at Gordon Grill. The fish was flaky and the skin was nicely salted and seared.

I started with the curry scallops [$34], which were amazing. Totally worth it, especially with the fried laksa leaves. I’ve never really had scallops done this way before and it works!

I also had the salt cod croquettes [$29] – part of the tapas menu – these were wee bit filling. The home made tartar sauce and lemony mayonnaise goes nicely with the croquettes.

We had the burrata salad [$14] as a side. I.. didn’t like it. So all they served was the rind of the burrata with heirloom tomatoes – what happened to the burrata heart? This was hardly creamy, pretty tough (pretty much all the burrata in here had the same texture as the outside of a ball of buffala) – I guess you get what you pay for. There is another slightly more expensive burrata dish on the menu – if you have a burrata craving you should probably try that one instead of the burrata salad with heirloom tomatoes.

We also had the mushrooms roasted in garlic butter [$15]. These were beautiful, but probably would go better with red meat or poultry, not fish.

Ended the meal with a coffee brulee [$18] – like a coffee infused panna cotta that is somehow bruleed (not the same texture as a regular creme brulee), served with some coffee meringues and chocolate sauce and ice cream. When it came lz asked: “What are those little turds?” The dessert was pretty meh – I’d probably go for the chocolate one next time.

And some cappucino [$8.50] to counter the sweets.

The service here is impeccable, they staff are genteel, use a perfect tone when addressing the custom, and are wary of interrupting your meal unnecessarily – top marks for that. I had a lovely time dining here and while the manager welcomed feedback, they were so nice that one would feel bad giving them negative feedback. So yes, I definitely recommend this place, but one shld be careful when ordering.


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