Brunch at Cafe Etc.

Cafe Etc. website

Came here to celebrate G.’s birthday although she sort of refused to let us pay in the end :S Actually the original plan was to go to Habitat coffee, however that place was super crowded on saturday afternoon (especially after 12pm) – no idea why all the young people gravitate to that place – is the food really that great? There is no shortage of restaurants along that stretch I see no reason to favour one restaurant over another, so we just headed here to eat. It seems like a pretty new cafe.

I had the truffle fries [$8], since we had previously planned to go to Habitat Coffee and they do pretty good truffle fries. Cafe Etc does theirs with truffle oil and truffle salt, and I thought these were delicious. Good for a snack if you’re not really hungry.

L had the lamb rack [$29] well done – it was tender but the cut wasn’t super fresh or mind blowing or anything.

Because I don’t eat lamb, I had the prawns sauteed in garlic appetizer [$9.50]. I liked it, but you can tell that the prawns were frozen and not fresh. Still, commendable effort. The addition of chopped olives was a little weird though.

We had the Margherita pizza [$16] to share – it was totally NOT a margherita pizza – no tomatoes, no basil, just cheese. The crust was also pretty underwhelming, although they state that they serve a thin crust. It wasn’t bubbly or crispy at all, just a white, pasty, even chewy bit of dough. I wouldn’t order the pizza if I were you.

Since it is after all a cafe, it did do pretty good drinks:

G had the root beer [$4.50] and I had the chocolate ecstasy thickshake [$7.50].

The milkshake didn’t have a whole lot of cream or ice cream, but it did have a lot of ice chunks that were not blended smooth. Still, it was nice, just not quite what I expected given that it was described to be “thicker than a milkshake”.

I thought this place did decent food for a cafe, but I wouldn’t come here especially for it, it just happened that we were in the area and it’s pretty near all our houses. If other restaurants are full, this is a good option, just stay away from the pizzas!

p.s. they serve brunch as well, and the eggs benedict looked pretty good.


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