Lunch at Menya Musashi, Star Vista

Menya Musashi website

This place has a $14.80 lunch set which includes a bowl of “lunch” ramen – i.e. ramen with shredded black fungus, stewed bamboo shoots, half an egg, and one slice of chashu, with a side.

You can choose the soup base for the “lunch” ramen – either red, black, or white, like tonkotsu king does. I think black just means it’s got ground up black sesame and roasted garlic on the surface of the soup, while red means that the broth is spicy. White broth seems to be your typical tonkotsu broth, and is quite a bit porkier than the black one.

We had gyoza and the curry ika as sides, which were unmemorable. The gyoza tasted like it was out of those frozen packets in NTUC and the battered squid was pretty tough and overcooked.

As for the ramen itself, the noodles were nice and springy, the broth was pretty good, the egg was slightly overdone, and the chashu wasn’t super melty but it was good enough. Not a GREAT rendition but hey, it was really inexpensive and I will definitely return for the lunch set.


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