Dinner at L’Entrecote

L’entrecote website

We had dinner at the Suntec City outlet since it’s the only one that allows you to make reservations.

While the place is pretty spacious, they seem generally short handed and when we entered at before 7pm and the restaurant was about less than a third full, they were out of menus. No kidding.

We started with the duck rillettes,

which had a bit of an off taste, like they’d been kept for too long. It wasn’t exactly creamy or buttery either, I prefer Platters’ rendition. They also served it with hunks of sour dough bread, which was weird. It went nicely with the cornichons though.

The walnut salad was pretty average, nothing you can’t do yourself. The walnuts and greens were a little bitter though, and could do with slightly more dressing.

The French onion soup was pretty mediocre, and definitely did not have a nice cheesy crust nor croutons, just more of the same sour dough baguette soaked in the soup and topped with cheese.

After the appetizers, we waited a whole 45 minutes for the rest of the meal to arrive. Now the waitstaff are pretty efficient and helpful, for some reason the food just took forever. They did not serve anything while the salad was on the table, even though that was meant to arrive with the entrecote steak. So after 30 minutes, we signalled the waitress over to ask where the rest of the food was – she went to the ledge where the food comes out the kitchen into the seating area to ask the manager, and he fed her a line saying the food will be out shortly. She came back to convey the same. Our food did NOT arrive shortly. We waited another 15 minutes with nothing, when the waitress noticed that our table was still empty and went to the back to ask the manager about our food, great initiative on her part I think, cause we didn’t bug her about it. The manager then scolded her for bugging him with repeated requests (we could see him from where we were seated), saying a whole lot of requests came in at the same time, which is pretty bizarre, since, like I said, we were seated before 7pm and placed our orders at about 7.10pm. It was past 8pm by the time.

I don’t understand this. As a restaurant owner, don’t you hire your waitstaff to look after your customers’ needs? If they communicate that your customer has been waiting for almost an hour for their food and are trying to remedy the situation, aren’t they just doing their job? Why would you yell at them? So I think the restaurant manager has a really bad personality and cannot handle stress, which then begs the question why he is even working in the food business.

Anyway L had to get up and talk to the manager to get him to make sure our order arrived. it was utterly ridiculous. People who had arrived later and placed their orders later were getting their food earlier than us. Which is fine and good if we didn’t have to wait nearly an hour to get our dinner, probably due to some mistake made on that guy’s end, which he should have just owned up to and apologised for, instead of saying that his hands were tied, which they obviously were not.

So the food came, and everything was average (I suppose at this point we were a little biased against the restaurant)

We had the moules marinieres, which were not fresh, and many of which were closed (even I as a home cook remove those which are closed before serving these to my guests, which says much about their professionalism. The sauce was pretty good for dipping, but they didn’t provide any bread for that. The mussels come with fries, and to be fair, were better than those we had in Paris.

The signature entrecote steak was ordered medium well, but came dripping with blood. It was pretty good, but there’s too much tarragon in their signature sauce. Don’t get what’s so “signature” about it.

The duck confit was the best of the lot – I liked the skin and the meat, although the skin was not crispy enough. The meat was really tender and buttery, and perhaps a tad salty for those who don't like too much salt. I liked their duck confit a lot more than the entrecote steak :P

So I think the food here is pretty average, DEFINITELY not worth an hour's wait or the manager's attitude. You can forget about being a valued customer there, the persona you are assigned is more like "annoying customer to get rid off". It is pretty easy to find another french place with better steak frites.

Be nice to the waitresses though, they are overworked (because the place is understaffed), and are just doing their job.


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