Breakfast at Kim San Leng

This place is an excellent coffee shop in Bishan that is good for just about everything. One morning when L got up really early cause of his fever we had some time before we needed to be at work, so we headed there for breakfast :P

The fried carrot cake is $3 and the aunty always tops it up with some ikan bilis which is a pretty novel garnish for carrot cake! It usually has more sauce and has lots of cai poh, it’s not as good as the ghim moh one but holds its own against most black carrot cake sellers in Singapore and has a huge following.

Kim San Leng also has pretty good duck porridge, chicken rice (always has a long queue), zhi char, and yong dau foo. People who live in Bishan are so lucky! I’m not a big fan of the fishball noodles though, cause their portions are huge and has a large noodle to sauce ratio.


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