Dinner at PepeNero

PepeNero website

So we were here to celebrate G’s birthday and I picked this place because of all the people in the family, I’m the one with the most similar taste buds to G. You could say we’re tongue sisters. We’re both pretty picky about food, from sashimi to brown rice, and you can usually rely on us to be picky about the same thing, except for cheese cake.

So I really liked the food here, despite the slightly small portions.

This place does the best prosciutto fried scamorza I have ever had. They put little pieces of porcini between the cheese and the prosciutto, and then pan fry it all together and it is spectacular. L’s mum didn’t like it on account of it being too salty (what?!) but it was truly mind blowing. And we eat a lot of prosciutto wrapped cheese.

We also had the burrata for starters but that was all the way on the other side of the table.

L’s folks had the oysters and arancini special. For people who don’t know, arancini are basically rice balls that are breaded and fried. Something I think most singaporeans are not that into. They did it quite well, but you have been forewarned. It’s carbs coated with carbs and then fried in fat.

G’s dad had the lamb, which he said was very nice.

N had the squid ink risotto, which looked good as well.

I ordered the veal ravioli with brown butter, and the sauce was really velvety and rich.

L got the lobster linguine, which had half a lobster and an extremely lobstery, tomato sauce made with san marzano tomatoes. We couldn’t be happier with our choices.

We didn’t manage to fit in dessert because of the birthday cake, but the guys did get two glasses of wine and some coffees afterward. The bill was about $400 for 8 people.

L’s parents were really impressed with their service – their bringing out the cake, writing “Happy Birthday” on the plate with chocolate sauce, and singing a birthday song. I think therein lies a generation gap. I sort of think that kind of service is pretty much expected, but they thought it was exceptional. One way or another I think at least the norms of our service industry are looking up!

I would like to come back to try the squid ink risotto and their desserts. They are kind of a small establishment (seating space wise) so if you are coming on a weekend you would do well to book. They are listed in Chope so it’s really not difficult.


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