First meal in Canada

Believe it or not, our first meal in Canada was from an A&W Drive Through. They carry completely different things from their counterparts in Malaysia and Indonesia – all kinds of burgers and fries, although they do also have root beer floats.

We were famished at the time, having been laid up in Chicago for 4 hours eating rangoons from Manchu Wok and deep dish pizza from Reggio’s:
and that was all we had to tide us over until 10pm, which was when we saw the lovely inviting lights of A&W before turning into Benjamin Drive, where the hotel was located:

Hands up if you knew what A&W stood for:

Their sweet potato fries were amazing. Excellent seasoning, and they served them with this chipotle aioli which went perfectly with the fries.

The burgers were also good – I had mine with mozzarella and I think L’s one had provolone. There’s something to be said about beef in countries which actually have cows.


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