Food at the St Jacobs Farmer’s Market

We went to the St Jacobs Farmer’s Market at Waterloo before heading down to Niagara Falls one day after the UWaterloo grad visit day.

The Farmer’s Market was humongous! They had recently built the new building (since the last one burnt down a while back) so it operates even in the winter, although some of the produce is now imported from various S. American countries

We woke up really early (7+am) due to jet lag and so headed here for breakfast.

They had quite a few arabic/Egyptian stalls selling pastries filled with curried vegetables and other mediterranean food.

Since we only explored the main hall and did not yet know of the existence of the annex, we settled on a cheddar, ham, and mushroom quiche as well as a bacon egg breakfast sandwich.

One of the best breakfast sandwiches I’ve ever had was at the Paddington Market in Sydney, and this one did not disappoint either, although I generally prefer sausage in my breakfast sandwiches.

The same shop carries a really hearty potato and bacon soup (actually my favourite part of the meal, given the crazy weather!). It was savoury, thick as paste, and had these little shreds of bacon and ground peppercorns in it. Warms you right up!

There were also a lot of pecan pies and rhubarb pies. Didn’t see any shoofly pie though.

The pies looked super delectable and not even expensive but it was just the two of us, and pie is sort of messy to eat on the road.

You could also find great big slabs of focaccia with everything on it in the main hall – they don’t look like legitimate Italian focaccia but I’m sure they tasted good, whatever they were. Look at those piles of asparagus and olives and corn and zucchini.

So if you study the map of the place, all these photos were taken in the main market building on the left which is nicely insulated and has 2 aisles for you to walk through in a loop. The Peddlar’s Village has a lot more hot food, including poutine (which I still have not tried), waffles with maple syrup, chilli, hot dogs with relish and sauerkraut, burgers, cheese melts, even samples of garlic bread from this Garlic King stall that was trying to sell garlic butter (with no butter in it). He told me it could be left out on the counter without refrigeration for one month so I bought an entire tub but left it at Chris’ house. We spread it on our toast for the entire time we were staying there and it was delicious:

I like my toast with a just runny egg on top and seasoned salt.



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