Lunch at Denny’s

This was after a 1.5 hour hike down from the Canadian Budget Rent-A-Car location along Victoria St, which is about 2.4 km from our motel in New York, the Rodeway Inn. It was mad cold! Our ears were practically frozen (the beanies provided by the Waterloo math department would have come in useful round about now), but we just zipped our coats all the way up and put on the hood and stopped in on the shopping center opposite the Niagara bridge for a short breather. It was a hotel/mall with a large Hershey’s shop, which would have been interesting if I’d liked Hershey’s chocolate but I don’t really. At this point I was already looking forward to lunch at Denny’s, since we didn’t have much Canadian currency remaining having spent it all at the Farmer’s Market but had a bunch in our M&T accounts by wire transfer.

After freezing our ears and our bottoms off taking pictures of the falls (which are beautiful frozen by the way), we crossed the border (another reprieve in the warm customs office) only to be greeted by a food stand advertising ice cold drinks.

Thanks but no thanks!

First, a hot chocolate to warm us up.

We ordered some kind of grilled chicken burger in Denny’s which came slathered with BBQ sauce and onion straws.

It was quite nice, but the meat was too thick i.e. the meat to sauce ratio was off.

The half nacho platter was amazing – nachos covered in chilli, cheese sauce, shredded cheddar, sour cream, and salsa. We polished it off in no time even though it was humongous! For a half platter anyway.

We also ordered 3 starters to share – a cheese quesadilla, battered jalapeno bottle caps, and chicken tenders with ranch sauce.

There were about 3 types of different batters/breadings in this meal! The cheese quesadillas were really salty and delicious, and I liked the other two, only the jalapeno bottle caps were way to fiery for me. I didn’t think they would be very spicy, and I was severely deluded! Naturally we didn’t manage to finish, so we packed back one slice of quesadilla (they were huge!) and a bunch of bottle caps with BBQ and Ranch sauce for supper later.

So apparently there’s some kind of special tourist tax that Niagara Falls, NY can levy on the tourists passing by. It’s a little higher than the state tax, perhaps a 3% surcharge. However if you walk into some of the motels in the area they do have discount brochures for Denny’s/other nearby restaurants.

How I’ve missed American chain restaurants!


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