Lunch at Red Lobster, Henrietta, NY

This is one of my favourite chains in the whole US simply because of their cheddar bay biscuits and caesar salad. Ask anyone and the one thing people go to Red Lobster for is the complimentary cheddar biscuits.

They’re moist, cheesy, buttery, salty, like little savoury puffs of cheese. And they ply them on you like you’re a hen being fattened for slaughter – they’ve even got reheating bags for you to take the biscuits home! The best cheddar biscuits I’ve had at a Red Lobster is at the one in Syracuse near to the GRE test center. The cheddar biscuits at the Horseheads location is alright but nothing spectacular. These were also pretty good, but not enough butter/browning perhaps. It really varies from branch to branch.

The next most awesome thing at Red Lobster is their caesar salad. I’ve never had anything to rival their dressing yet. It’s so simply done – tossed together pieces of romaine, parmesan chips (not sure what the powder coating the parmesan is – corn flour to prevent it sticking together? I highly doubt they grate the cheese freshly), croutons, and caesar dressing. This comes with any entree you order, if I’m not wrong. You can order it as a “side” as well, instead of getting the entree version with chicken.

This was the specials for the day. I love how they have a grill master. So we ordered a bowl of clam chowder to start (no, the cheddar bay biscuits and caesar salad don’t count lol):

This is a must have in the New England region. We must have had like 3-4 bowls of chowder from various restaurants. Singaporean restaurants just can’t do these creamy chowders/bisques right. Perhaps it’s because heavy cream is not as readily available. Theirs is really smooth and has tender pieces of clam at the bottom.

The lobster lover’s meal comes with a side of lobster and prawn alfredo,

A side of your choice (we opted for crispy new potatoes. They also have rice pilaf and fries and mash and steamed vegetables)

A boston lobster, all soft and ready to slide out of the shell (this was perfect. Absolutely perfect, especially with the drawn butter).

And a broiled rock lobster

Such a pretty shell. The rock lobster meat is slightly tougher (on account of the grilling?) and more savoury than sweet, but still pretty nice. It was humongous too!

I loved everything. It was too much though, what with the linguine and the potatoes (and the 4 cheddar biscuits before and caesar salad lol) so we didn’t finish the potatoes. The alfredo is great but as far as shrimp alfredo goes, I prefer Chili’s rendition.

This was the final check – look how cheap the lobster is!! Can’t wait for the day we manage to breed lobsters in Singapore, although I think you need significantly colder water for that. The Caribbean islands sports lots of spiny lobsters, I don’t know why we don’t get in on that market.

We went here because it’s somewhat “between” Niagara Falls and Ithaca. Totally worth the detour!


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