Lunch at Pho Hoa

Pho Hoa website

Back to the Holland Village Lunch Series, since I’m back from my grad school visiting trip :) We missed Saigon Kitchen in Ithaca (not enough meals to fit all the restaurants I wanted to try), so we had pho back home at this vietnamese restaurant in Holland Village. This is my second visit here.

We started with the netted scallop rolls [$4.50] – pale yellow, deep fried pastries filled with scallop meat with their signature dipping sauce. We felt like we were on the streets of Vietnam just by dint of the freshly fried, piping hot morsels served in small portions.

The second appetizer we tried was the house made squid pancakes [$5.95]. These were good too, but not as good as the scallop rolls. I think the deep fried spring rolls are also worth a try, don’t really like the rice roll with raw vegetables and steamed shrimp.

The pho comes with a huge plate of basil, coriander, chilli paste, cut chillis, and lime wedges for you to garnish the broth.

The actual soup itself is alright, not herbal enough, nor is the beef taste particularly strong. You can opt for your pho with flank, steak, beef balls, tripe, brisket, etc. Beef steak yields the leanest meat, and flank steak will have strips of fat running down the sides. We had pho with steak, flank, and beefballs [$13.95]. It’s hearty for a cold day, but I don’t think this place does very representative pho.

Because I can’t down an entire bowl of pho by myself, we also ordered the grilled chilcken with rice [$11.95], which is done in roughly the same style with Thai grilled chicken, which is to say I can’t put my finger what they use to marinate it :P It’s really nice, tender, and moist, served with some sort of weird vegetarian keropok, a big saucer of dipping sauce, and steamed white rice. The restaurant has a scent of chicken rice- rice so I thought they would have served it with that but it’s just regular rice.

It wasn’t that cheap, $42.75 for the both of us, but we each had appetizers and stuff, guess I can’t complain. Still, it’s a little weird that you can get better food for cheaper at Barossa or La Nonna.


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