Breakfast at Panera Bread

R, L, and I had breakfast here before our hike up Flagstaff Summit. I really like several things at Panera and was unfortunate to discover them only in my senior year:
1. Mac & Cheese
2. French Onion Soup
3. Spinach and bacon souffle

Now they also have a half soup and sandwich offer that comes with a free apple/bag of chips/baguette but if you look closely at the “Choose any 2” like L did you’ll realize that it’s not cheaper. It’s just telling you to choose both a soup and a half sandwich. :S Most people sort of assume it’s a fixed price for any 2 items.

We got a half frontega chicken panini – grilled chicken with tomato and cheese and perhaps some sort of chipotle sauce.

L got the spinach and bacon souffle – really an egg and cheese pastry. It was just as I remembered! Soft and moist in the middle, flaky on the outside.

R’s tomato bisque.

And of course I got their french onion soup. It’s better than the french onion soup anywhere in singapore. Really. I don’t know why places here don’t use gruyere, or they just top a tiny slice of baguette with cheese and float it on top of the french onion soup like a little ice floe.

I ordered some kind of mocha frosty even though caffeine is supposed to not help with the high altitudes. I was alright while hiking though, a little out of breath but that’s probably from poor physical fitness rather than altitude.


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