Dinner at Din Tai Fung

One of the biggest takeaways from my US trip is that…*drum roll*… there is a Din Tai Fung in Seattle!!! In the University Village, no less. And of course I didn’t choose which grad school to go to based on which had the closest proximity to xlbs, no, not at all. L and I were just randomly shopping in the University Village when we found this, and were stunned!! Here’s their Seattle menu.

So technically this is one of the restaurants we don’t need to be visiting all that frequently before we leave in August/September, but it’s still one of our top choices to eat at in J8, queue and all.

The pickled vegetable starter [$3.50] is practically mandatory, when it’s in stock. I find that when I go during off peak, no queue hours, they are typically out of pickled vegetables, so I’ve learnt to embrace the DTF queue

Of course we ordered the xlbs [$6.80]. I suppose there’s no need to talk about quality here since DTF is consistent in its preparation. I love the xlbs here. They’re not spectacular, but they are good and are filled with a very flavourful broth.

We also had their deep fried prawn and pork dumplings [$7.30] for the first time. They serve it with a sweet sauce that is somewhat like Hoisin, but much less sticky. A bit similar to the sweet sauce served with yong tau foo or chee cheong fun sometimes. They were delicious!

Here’s a closeup of the dumpling filling.

Our typical carbs here are the egg fried rice [$6.80] and the

gan ban mian [$6.00]. It’s a terrible state of affairs that the University Village DTF doesn’t seem to carry gan ban mian, but I’m sure we’ll find its closest approximation soon. They have other things like noodles in sesame sauce and spicy sauce which could be it. Both the fried rice and the noodles are masterfully executed and so affordable!


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