Tea at Miam Miam

Miam Miam website

One saturday we were wandering around Bugis Junction after having purchased a laptop at Sim Lim Square (Acer Aspire S7) and were pretty hungry after looking at laptop specs all afternoon.

There are two non-chain restaurants in Bugis Junction I have been quite interested in trying since I was stuck there last year after collecting my passport and didn’t really know much about the restaurants in the place. We wound up eating at Everything with Fries then (which was not bad lah) but after I went home to do some research I found out about Miam Miam and also Platypus (which we have not yet tried).

The Miam Miam spaghetti [$15.80] was really good! It seems to be a bit toward the aglio olio style, but with more sesame than garlic, tomato wedges, bacon, german sausage, spinach/basil? and a soft boiled egg on top.

You burst the yolk of the soft boiled egg and sort of stir the whole thing around, like in a carbonara. This was excellent, al dente spaghetti and everything.

The menu is unabashed about how its spaghetti has lighter and cleaner flavours “than in the West” lol. Actually I think real Italian pasta is pretty light and clean too. They are probably making some assumptions about pasta being all carbonara or bolognese with a thick tomatoey ragu. But they are right that the Japanese style pasta we have at Yomenya Goemon is a lot lighter than a really creamy alfredo.

I had the curry souffle [$15.50], which was actually a lot more like a souffle than I bargained for. I was hoping for something more like the omelette wrapped rice (tenshin han?) at Osaka Osho. This was alright, but in generally I don’t really like savoury souffles – the cheese was not really evident, and I think one would be better off ordering their regular curry rice.

The green tea smoothie[$8.80] was pretty nice, served with a ball of red bean cream (not ice cream) on top.

L got the matcha latte [$7.80] which he liked very much as well.

They charge for water, 50c per glass but you do get unlimited refills. I bet this is one policy the waitstaff really hate because the cafe serves water in such small glasses, that for that 50c they have to make multiple trips to your table to give you a refill. It’s odd that more work is expended for that 50c glass of water as compared to a $7.80 matcha latte which is non-refillable.

They do have free wifi (you have to check-in your location on facebook first – basically free advertising for them. But you can also set that status update to be viewable by only you), and lots of power points (I was not the only person with my laptop out). But it’s probably better not to do it during peak hours, as a queue quickly accumulates. I gather this place is quite fashionable among the younger crowd because of the quality of the food and the relatively low prices.


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