Dinner at the Boatyard Grill, Ithaca, NY

We went here a few days before my birthday to use the one free entree when you bring 3 other friends voucher I got via email from the Boatyard Grill (if you join their mailing list). When I got it by email last year I was really sad that I couldn’t go.

Technically my favourite thing about the Boatyard Grill is their sunday brunch, where they do really good eggs benedict, crab cake benedict, blackforest ham benedict, and corned beef hash with eggs. I also really liked their lobster crepes and mushroom crepes (no longer on the menu I think). Their special Mother’s Day menu is usually really interesting too, I remember once there was strawberry shortcake for Mothers’ Day and L and I went even though neither of us are mothers :P

Chris, Rich, Ze, and I were intending to head there after the Monday evening chimes concert, and we managed to persuade Bryan to join the gang! (More people ==> More appetizers)

Each table gets a complimentary toasted baguette with whipped herbed butter. You can ask for more through the meal! The herbed butter is perfect when it melts on the bread, but it’s still not as good as Red Lobster’s cheddar bay biscuits.

So we started with the seafood splash-down tower – something we’ve never been able to order before since we usually ate here as a couple. The tower includes jumbo cocktail shrimp:

Flash fried calamari served with remoulade:

And mini crab cakes with some strange cocktail-type sauce:

I liked everything. Their calamari was surprisingly tender, almost comparable with the calamari in Saigon Kitchen. And I -never- eat calamari because I normally can’t chew through it.

We also ordered their buffalo chicken egg rolls because those are one of my favourite appetizers there. I’m not normally a big fan of buffalo chicken (prefer southern fried chicken, or korean fried chicken – hot sauce is a little too sour for me) but this was really nicely done. The pastry isn’t that thick, and it’s full of chicken pieces in a gooey, cheesy, buffalo sauce and accompanying ranch/bleu cheese dip.

The last starter we had was a cup of clam chowder. They sell these in bread bowls as well, and it is so thick you can eat it with a fork. It was really good, but not as good as the ones I had in Boston.

Bryan had the crab stuffed shrimp. Sorry the pictures are all so yellow – I hadn’t figured out how to change my camera settings to compensate for tungsten lights until later in the trip.

Chris had the orange mustard glazed salmon (small plate). They sell these small plates that are perfect if you are loading up on appetizers (like we did). Us young folk forgot about those, but the senior citizens got a small plate each and had a perfect portion :P

I had the Maine lobster and grilled jumbo shrimp. It was very nice, but perhaps a tad more expensive and not as well done as Red Lobster. Rich had the filet mignon with bordelaise sauce and liked it quite a bit. Of all the mains I think I liked Chris’ grilled salmon the best!

This is still a pretty decent option for seafood in the Ithaca area – I can’t really think of anywhere else that specializes in seafood actually. The lobsters at Antlers are pretty decent as well and are half of on Tuesdays if I’m not wrong. We didn’t have room for desserts that day! Forgot how large American portions are.


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