Lunch at Friendly’s, Triphammer Road

This was the final meal we had with Chris in Ithaca – Friendly’s seems to be real popular among ang mohs, probably because of their sundaes. It’s closest equivalent in Singapore is Swensen’s, but I think Friendly’s does way better American food, while Swensen’s does slightly fancier “western” meals.

My standard order here is their honey BBQ chicken supermelt. It’s usually part of a lunch set, so you get a soft drink and a sundae at the end. The chicken itself isn’t super crispy because they bake it, then glaze it with some honey BBQ sauce.

Chris got the all-American burger – which means a standard burger with a slice of tomato, lettuce, red onion rings, and a slice of cheddar. I think seniors get quite a large discount here, and this place is also more popular among that generation of Americans as compared to the younger, calorie-counting generation :P

I always liked their loaded waffle fries. And it’s OK to have it once in awhile I suppose, especially since it was 3 of us sharing this!

L had a bowl of clam chowder. Their clam chowder is alright, but a little starchy. Lots of potato cubes.

And a happy ending sundae :P
I really like cotton candy ice cream – it’s a guilty pleasure. Nearly no one else I know likes it on account of it being too sweet – cotton candy is really just burnt sugar, so the ice cream has a sort of toffeed taste. And the pink and blue is so pretty :P Chris hated it. The scoop on top is Forbidden Chocolate, and I got them with marshmallow sauce (we don’t have this in Singapore!) and Swiss chocolate sauce. It was too much for the three of us (even though we did just go romping in Sapsucker Woods and froze our toes off) so we didn’t finish it.

Chris says Friendly’s has not being doing too well in upstate NY (probably most of NY) – lots of outlets are closing down. In fact the only reason they’re still alive (according to her) is because of the ice cream!

I think the food is pleasant enough for a no frills lunch. Her idea of a no frills lunch is lunch at the food court in Pyramid Mall. Oh yeah, the Friendly’s in Pyramid Mall has closed as well – I was pretty sad about that. It was such an institution especially for single people like me who like to go to the mall on Friday nights (back in my freshman/sophomore year anyway). I usually headed there for dinner with a book, and it was really nice because they always gave me a booth :P In singapore if you eat alone you’re probably squashed away in the smallest, darkest corner.


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