Breakfast at Foolish Craig’s, Boulder, CO

This is a brunch place along Pearl Street that was recommended by the motel concierge, so we headed here right before the school tour assuming the department provided breakfast wouldn’t be as interesting as some hot eggs.

The interior has a somewhat grungy feel, like it turns into a bar at night or something (which is totally possible, because there are a ton of bars in Boulder and a huge local beer culture)

And the prerequisite happy hour. Almost every restaurant in Boulder has a Happy Hour, some only in operation on weekdays, others on weekends as well (like in Brasserie Ten Ten). And it usually extends beyond alcoholic drinks to bar snacks, which is perfect for people who don’t really drink (like me!)

Here’s their brunch menu. It’s pretty extensive! They have egg several ways and then a selection of “crepes”. So when I saw the crepe menu I was thinking of something more like this:

So it was rather surprising when the “crepe” came out looking more like this:

It was absolutely LOADED with some kind of hash – home fries, bacon, onions, salsa, tomatoes, mushrooms, and it was their house signature, the Foolish Craig Crepe. The crepe served as more of a plate than anything else, and this was naturally, impossible to finish. It was alright, but certainly unexpected and would probably taste better if you’re hungover. They serve it with, surprise surprise, more home fries, or a cup of cheesy grits. I still don’t like grits.

I ordered something more normal – the crab cake Benedict. Still a heavy breakfast, but I didn’t have as much home fries.

Their poached eggs and hollandaise are really good, and both went really well with the crab cakes. We liked this much better than the crepe.

We also had a cappucino and a glass of chocolate milk as a pick me up.

A great brunch place if you were drinking the night before, this will certainly load you up on salt and carbs. The portions are also humongous, so it’s helpful if you eat a lot, or if you really like home fries.


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