Lunch at Whole Foods, Boulder, CO

We brought R here to do his groceries since we had a rental car that would make bringing groceries home much easier for him (he bikes around Boulder). We had also never been in a Whole Foods (there was only a Wegman’s in Ithaca although we did see Whole Foods all around Boston, but none of them were as fancy as this one!)

They had both a regular soup bar (with Italian wedding, chicken noodle soup, tomato bisque, etc.) as well as a seafood soup bar (lobster bisque, clam chowder, crab and corn bisque, etc.)
This was the cioppino from the seafood soup bar. It was pretty chilly the entire time we were in the US so I had a huge craving for soups a lot of the time (either the chinese sort or the american sort, I’m not picky)

We also had a cup of the lobster bisque, which didn’t really have a lot of lobster meat but was pretty strong in taste. I liked both soups quite a bit. As you can see from the photo we’re sitting outside in the sunshine! Something we only experienced once or twice in Ithaca.

I ordered the Boulder melt – which is wedges of brie and granny apple slices inbetween thick slices of brioche and the entire thing griddled. It was the most perfect melt I have ever eaten, not because of the combination of ingredients but because of how well it was executed.

L got the Margherita pizza which I quite liked too, but it was cold by the time we found a seat outside and finished queueing and everything.

Rags got a huge plate of food from the indian section – naan, spinach, curry

and a second plate of food from the cold section with creamy linguine and a samosa and beans encrusted with sesame seeds and salads etc. We thought he’d need some help with the enormous amount of food in front of him so we stole some of the beans but as it turns out, he could finish everything by himself!

I had some of their gelato – chocolate, mint, and peanut butter makes a pretty good combination! They don’t use artificial flavorings or coloring in their ice cream, so the mint is white and the strawberry is an extremely faded pink.

I also took away a brookie for our hike the next day :P A cookie baked on top of a brownie is ingenious. They gave us a chocolate chip cookie as well (it was a surprise) for donating to some charity at the counter and then we felt bad for giving only $5 to the charity lol.


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