Dinner at Addictions Cafe, Marina Square

We came here one Friday night to celebrate Xy’s birthday (and also the 20% Chope discount in March lol) after being enticed by the Chope blurb. It’s a pretty hippy place (with a queue) at the gateway from City link mall to Marina Square on the 2nd floor and is surrounded by a bunch of other new-ish eateries.

We jumped on the bandwagon and ordered a plate of truffle fries (like literally every other party here had a plate of them on their tables) – they were hot and crispy but the truffle taste was not as strong as I anticipated it to be. Like even the truffle fries at Cafe Etc (without all the bells and whistles like grated parmesan and parsley) tastes better.

I ordered the crab arrabbiata linguine, but thought the flavours through the pasta were too homogenous. It’s extremely saucy, but the main flavour notes of the sauce was just tomato, not crab. It’s not bad, but I enjoyed other dishes better.

L got the laksa – so the Addictions Cafe does a few local favourites like laksa, but I thought the broth was too coconutty and didn’t have nearly enough sambal. I guess it’s a good place to bring tourists to try laksa if they can’t handle the spiciness. It’s an upscaled version of laksa, with king prawns and scallops and the whole shebang, but the best upscaled laksa I’ve had is at Chop Suey Cafe. The one at My Humble House is pretty good too.

Xy had the Earl grey smoked salmon benedict, which I actually really liked. It comes served with grilled mushrooms, and the earl grey taste is so overpowering as to mask the taste of the smoked salmon lol. I am not a huge fan of lox, but the people who like lox at our table (everyone else) said that they could have smoked any meat and called it Earl Grey smoked salmon because nobody could taste the salmon anyway :P

Xm got the Pommery chicken (at least I think that’s what it was) with broccolini and this was delicious although a little too charred.

Here are the 3 of us with our dinner and the weird pink water. L is taking the photo. So the water here is pink! We were wondering for the longest time why (like we dabbed it onto their napkins to see if it was the water that was pink or just the glasses), then the waitress came along explaining that they put fruit like cherries and lemon wedges in the jugs, which dyes the water pink, and that it was “natural”. Yes, because the bright red color of maraschino cherries are “natural”.

We don’t get these here but multi-colored maraschinos are in most grocery stores in the US.

All in all, an alright meal, but I wouldn’t specially make a trip out of it!


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