Lunch at Eastern Standard, Boston, MA

Eastern Standard Lunch Menu

We had lunch here with Hr after his one Thursday class in a bid to introduce him to more of the Boston food scene as reported by Serious Eats

This is a rather posh looking restaurant at the base of Hotel Commonwealth. You can find metered parkig round the back (that’s where we did anyway).

The specials that day were the clam chowder and the Reuben sandwich, and we got both of those. I’m not really a pastrami-sauerkraut person but I was still on my soup craving, so the clam chowder did fine for me.

It was a humongous crock! We nearly had trouble finishing it. A creamy and comforting noon time snack. It’s pretty heavy for digestion though, we basically slept through the entire afternoon after eating this.

Here’s the salad they served with the clam chowder but it wasn’t nearly enough to cut through the cream.

Here’s the reuben. Even I liked it. There’s hope for a taste for sauerkraut to develop yet! I didn’t like pickles before studying at Cornell but have grown to embrace it since.

L got a plate of moules provencal done with white wine sauce – I liked it a lot. The mussels were fresh and the broth it was served in was superb for dipping the bread we were served.

As part of my soup craving I also ordered the cream of mushroom soup with truffle oil and a dollop of creme fraiche. It was really velvety! I’d definitely order this again.

For dessert we had a creme brulee tart – creme brulee in a shortcrust pastry, torched and served with blackberries. It was delectable – quite similar to the apple tart with the bruleed top we had in Cluj-Napoca:

I liked everything here! It’s also got great ambience for an afternoon gossip session :P Being a tai tai in Boston must be so nice.


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