Late night eats at Garden at the Cellar, Cambridge, MA

We came here after a concert at Symphony Hall (3 of Beethoven’s piano concerti!).

[Eye-roll worthy quote by Lang Lang in the concert programme]

The concert ended around 10pm, so we rushed down to this place right after to get some dinner before the last order. We had a huge lunch before at Eastern Standard (see the previous post) and weren’t hungry before the concert. Technically I wasn’t really hungry after either but neither was I full. L dropped me off at the restaurant to order first while he went to get Hr from his dorm.

I love being given full rein to order whatever I like, and in general I think my tastes are pretty well-aligned with the masses of public opinion – usually anything I like, most other people will also enjoy, whereas the converse is not usually true because I am quite a picky eater.

They started me off with a hunk of baguette with olive oil, salt and pepper

and I ordered

Truffle fries

Butter poached lobster with truffle shavings and a fried duck egg

Parsnip and King crab risotto with miso and uni butter

A lobster roll-slider

A burger slider

And a grilled shrimp taco with guacamole.

The food came all at once before the boys even arrived at the restaurant and I swear, all eyes in the restaurant were on me, this greedy pig-girl who was apparently going to eat half the things on the menu by herself. The timing was actually rather good (if embarrassing), because I managed to snap all these shots of the food before anyone else arrived and they could start eating pretty much immediately. I was sorta worried that some accident would prevent them from showing up and I’d really have to finish it all by myself. The table was full of plates, and I was sitting at a table for 4 (the bartender had previously asked me to sit at a table for 2 but I told him other people were coming).

The thing I liked best was the parsnip risotto. It had a really unique combination of flavours – miso and parsnip? I’ve never had that before. The butter poached lobster was a little overdone and I think I haven’t really gotten the point of duck eggs yet. The idea of the dish was presumably for one to cut off hunks of lobster to swill in the burst egg yolk, but the yolk was really quite strong tasting. The sliders were nice but the shrimp taco was too dry.

The food here is really amazing for a pub and given its proximity to the Cambridge/Harvard area this place should be hopping with students on the weekend. The actual “cellar” in the pub’s name is underground, in the basement below the restaurant. The last order is at 11pm, which makes it an ideal location for upscale late night munchies.


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