Dinner at SkipJacks

I brought Hr and Jy here for dinner purely for sentimental reasons, because this is one of the first few restaurants I’d ever tried in Boston waaay back in my freshman year. At that time I was attending another BSO concert (Gil Shaham! playing Stravinsky if I’m not wrong) with AA, Sr, and B, and B as usual organized the entire thing, down to where to eat. At that point I think I was actually not too concerned with where to eat (!). We had the steamed Maine lobster back then and couldn’t tell what the green stuff under the carapace was.

I really like the clam chowder and lobster bisque here, so it’s useful to eat here with more people so you can share everything. They brought a bowl of lobster meat and a jug of the bisque and poured it over the lobster at the table. We were wondering about this for quite a while before I realized that they wouldn’t serve the lobster IN the bisque because the lobster would be overcooked! It’s nice to go to places that care.

Jy had the grilled…some kind of fish. Sword fish? Or maybe it was salmon. It was a special that night.

Hr and I both had scallops, his SkipJack’s style (i.e. battered and then tossed in some honey mustard sauce) and mine in BBQ sauce with onion straws. The SkipJack’s style scallops are apparently very popular but they are a little more sour/savoury than the ones that are grilled with BBQ sauce, which are sweeter.

Lz ordered the crab cake and grilled shrimp platter, the only one that came with a decent amount of veggies. I wonder why vegetables are so unpopular with meat there.

The food quality at SkipJack’s has been pretty consistent since I first visited, but the menu seems to be becoming more streamlined. Btw they provide free parking in the building next to it, something Lz only discovered after he parked like 2 blocks away and had to trudge through the snow to retrieve the car.


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