Happy hour at Brasserie Ten Ten, Boulder, CO

We ate here after hiking up Flagstaff Summit and down Gross Reservoir and were famished by the end of it! The only thing we ate in the morning was a soup and sandwich at Panera. Rag’s housemate recommended this French place (for which I am grateful, because otherwise we would be going to Happy Hour at another Mediterranean place :P) and I love French food.

We started with some charcuterie – I ordered the prosciutto and burrata serving, and they serve it with pickled vegetables and cut strawberries. The burrata was a pretty small, almost unnoticeable knob, but the prosciutto was quite nice. This was a little vegetarian unfriendly :P

We had fries with a truffle aioli that was so delicious we asked for a second helping.

L and I shared the jumbo shrimp cocktail while R had a beet sandwich :P

I know beets are good for you and everything but their color just seems so unnatural! These were paired with chevre, a kind of goat cheese.

We got some brie and toast to share.

You smear a knob of brie on the toast and top it up with candied walnuts and strawberry jelly. Just like at Platters! The brie here was better though.

R had the mushroom crepe while L and I shared the blackforest and ham crepe. His mushroom crepe looked so good we had to try it for ourselves later (in the second round of orders:P)

The moules marinieres that were great, too bad R couldn’t eat them.

The second batch of chips with the crumbled chevre (not a fan!). We had another tub of truffle aioli to dip these chips in.

For desserts, we had the house selection of four macarons – salted caramel, chocolate, champagne, and perhaps hazelnut? I can’t remember the flavours but they were quite good.

And also the chocolate praline cake to share. It’s sort of like an operetta, with a feuilletine layer, some sort of coffee buttercream, etc. My favourite part in a layer cake is the ganache, I wonder why they can’t make cakes entirely out of ganache.

We bumped Erica (the grad day coordinator) here as well – it’s nice to feel like you already know people in the city although technically the only people we’d met here were the Boulder professors and well, R. Everyone in the city is so friendly though it’s unreal.


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