Lunch at Zen Noodle & Cafe, Seattle, WA

This is the first restaurant we ate at in Seattle. At this point we were nearing the end of our trip and were craving some good Chinese, and there are a TON of asians in Seattle. Especially near the university! It was pretty crazy. In fact most of the restaurants in their “collegetown” were asian.

We had touched down at Sea-Tac around 10.30am and I had a class to crash at 1pm (according to L’s schedule), so we checked into the motel early and then tried to grab a bite nearby. The Thai Restaurant near the motel (Thai Tom I think it was) did not accept credit card, and obviously there are no M&T atms in Washington, nor did we have time to get cash back from a grocery store. So we just zipped into the nearest decent looking establishment, which is how we wound up here.

We started with the “sauced tofu platter” lol which was a small plate of sliced firm (and spiced) tofu and a braised egg covered in sauce. This was surprisingly good! I really liked the braised egg. I’ve never really had the weird brown colored firm tofu that seem to be so popular in asian supermarkets here but I liked it in this sauce.

Then we ordered the salt and pepper fried chicken – it came in a huge basket of about 6 wings or so and we couldn’t finish. While the University Motel Suites do come fitted with a full kitchen (it was the biggest place we’d stayed in so far) there’s no way we’re going to be able to heat up fried chicken to any level of satisfaction so we just didn’t bother finishing it. The meat was obviously GM-ed beyond recognition anyway. The batter for the fried chicken was somewhat tasteless/pointless. I wouldn’t come here for fried chicken.

Next up was the kung pao chicken with rice and steamed broccoli. I liked it (somewhat) but I think it will only be palatable if you’re hungry and cold (which we were). It was raining outside too, so all the spicy food was pretty helpful in keeping the cold out for a bit.

To help with the spiciness we ordered their milk tea. It was way too sweet, and was sealed with those old-school bubble tea sealer caps that have a chinese riddle on them? I think in general the US is pretty outdated with chinese culture – the asian stuff they have is pretty out of date and old-fashioned, the same way the american things we have in Sg are pretty last generation as well.

All in all, I probably wouldn’t eat here if I can help it! There must be some much more decent chinese restaurants nearby *cough* Din Tai Fung *cough*


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