Tea at Pallino, Seattle, WA

We stopped in here for tea on our second day in Seattle since we had checked out of our hotel and pretty much had nowhere to go! There’s free parking in University Village and a ton of really interesting shops so it was a natural choice. Pallino’s is one of the pastarias in the University Village and the concept seems to be somewhat similar to Vapiano’s, only that you can’t see them cooking your pasta in front of you. You can however choose your sauce and the kind of meat you’d like to put in the pasta. I opted for the rigatoni with a bolognese sauce (which is already a meat ragu) so I didn’t have to add any additional meat.

I guess to some degree this was just to keep us warm and happy until dinner time, since we were visiting the Green Lake inbetween (which was pretty cold!)

I quite liked the garlic roll they provided with the pasta, and divided between the two of us, this was perfect. We managed to spend quite some time in the warmth of the restaurant writing a birthday card to Mildred. The prices here are pretty reasonable and the pasta is cooked well. This is a great place for a simple lunch while running errands around the university village.


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