The Crab Pot, Seattle, WA

The Crab Pot website

This place is really popular with locals and tourists alike – and most of the people who come here get the seafood feast I think, which is various sea creatures (and potatoes, andouille sausage, and corn on the cob) dumped into a large pot and boiled for a bit. They then dump the entire contents of the pot (which has been sprinkled with some spices, according to your specification) out onto your table (something like cajun kings! But I like cajun kings better, because they leave the soupy broth with you to dip french bread in), the seafood they put on your table is pretty dry and mildly seasoned so you can taste the freshness of everything. Instead of french bread, restaurants here like to serve sourdough with whipped butter, which I guess I’ll get used to at some point.

We got the Westport seafeast for two, which has half a dungeness crab, half a snow crab, shrimp, steamed clams, mussels, andouille sausage, corn on the cob, and red potatoes. You can select other combinations – e.g. if you don’t need the crabs, you can just get the Cove. If you want to add oysters and salmon, you can get the Pacific Clambake. The Alaskan seafeast even has king crab in the mix. The only thing is the minimum order for the seafeasts is two portions, so it’s not really a place for eating alone, unless you have a humongous appetite.

The corn is really sweet, and the andouille sausage goes perfectly with the clams and mussels. The Dungeness crab is fresh, and I much prefer it to the snow crab, but both are really good and easy to remove from their shells. Just ordering this is more than enough (for 2 people). I’d recommend coming with a crowd, especially if you want to try some of the other cooked food, which looked pretty good.

Call in your reservations, or you’ll have to wait quite awhile (doesn’t matter whether it’s a weekend or weekday night. It’s always packed!)

(The floor is kinda sticky and grimy because of all the pots of seafood being sloshed around, but people here are serious about their food and do not mind these creature discomforts.)


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