Dinner at Ivar’s, Seattle, WA

[Steamed Manila clams in white wine]

This was the stunner of the meal – excellent broth, fragrant from the wine, full of fresh garlic. Best clams I’ve had in the US so far.

[Prawn and dungeness crab cocktail]
This wasn’t quite as stunning – there wasn’t as much dungeness crab as I’d have liked and I’m not sure the guacamole binding is a good choice. Still, their cocktail sauce is not too horse-radishy and the prawns were rather sweet.

[Dungeness crab cakes]
They make even better crab cakes than Maryland crab cakes. What kind of crab is used in Maryland crab cakes anyway? These were awesome. Would have preferred them served with remoulade, though.

[Liangze’s oyster trio. Very cheap, only $7]
No idea how these were as I don’t eat oysters. He said they were fresh though.

[More sour dough bread with whipped butter]
Why do restaurants in Washington not serve baguettes? I could probably get used to sourdough… in a pinch.

[Ivar’s cod and chips]
These are apparently supposed to be his specialty but the cod was over-cooked, even if the batter was alright. I wouldn’t order this again, any Chippy in greater London will be able to serve you better beer battered cod and chips with malt vinegar. In their defence they did provide malt vinegar, but the cod was just not flaky or moist at all. We actually had a problem finishing this.


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