Brunch at GRUB, Bishan Park

We went to bishan park one rainy saturday afternoon to find C for brunch.

I think it was qing ming jie or some buddhist festival, there were cars lined all the way along sin ming drive where the temple was. The taxi driver thought we were going for that but we have no idea about any of the events in the Buddhist calendar unless it’s a public holiday :P

This is like the second half of Bishan park, sort of, not in the same section as Cornerstone or Canopy. I sort of chose this place out of all the options C gave me because it’s one bus away from LZ’s house and it’s easy for me to go home afterward. And the menu looked pretty interesting!

I started with the eggs en cocotte with truffle oil served with toast soldiers. Very nice! Hard to share though, I recommend eating this all by yourself :P

C got some bean stew with chorizo that looks really nice with their microgreens.

I got a Belgian waffle with butter and sugar because I wasn’t that hungry, and I wanted to try their mentaiko mayo fries (so good).

Everyone should serve their fries with mentaiko mayo. I really really liked this and would definitely order it if I come back again. It’s perfect with the nori.

LZ had the portabello burger with feta which I didn’t touch, because of the feta.

It looks really pretty though!

It’s a pretty small place, not much seating and all although there’s a carpark nearby. They have outdoor benches but it can get really hot and humid. We waited for an indoor seat for about 30 mins or so? They seem to close at 3pm on saturdays, so it’s definitely not an all day brunch place. The waitstaff also seem to be a bit challenged on the coordination front – first they delivered a dish we didn’t order, then took it away to give to the correct table (not hygienic at all! Who knows if I’d touched the food yet??), then they forgot our cutlery, and forgot our iced water. Basically you have to guide them to do their job every step of the way, and it’s not like the place can have that many customers as to be unmanageable since a hefty portion (maybe 1/6th?) of the indoor seating area is taken up by a kitchenette, whose sole purpose as far as I can see, on a busy saturday morning, was to store the cutlery.

Still if you ignore all these little details (most people should be feeling extra charitable on saturdays anyway on account of having no work), the food here is pretty good! I think I definitely like it better than the food at Canopy. Will do a post on Cornerstone soon.


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