Lunch at Sushi Tei

Since the Sushi Tei menu is so extensive, we have been trying lots of new things each time we come. Every order we make usually depends on the weather outside – they have a pretty good selection for both sunny days and rainy days.

LZ picked this salmon nigiri off the conveyor belt because I wanted some sushi rice to go with my dashimaki tamago. We’ve decided that it makes more sense to get the dashimaki tamago, add your own sushi rice, than to order the tamago sushi which has a lot less egg. :P

I’ve never had this before because I used to read it on the menu as Asahi clams, which I thought was some kind of beer braised clams. Turns out it’s actually Asari clams, which is clams steamed in a soy sauce butter mixture, and it is amazingly delicious. I’ll definitely order it next time I go. It’s not just butter and soy sauce of course, they use their own shoyu and some kind of sweet sauce that makes for a pretty complex braising broth that I would drink like a soup if it weren’t too salty to drink.

They do a pretty good udon broth with thick, springy udon which is great with tempura. This is best consumed on a rainy day. The Holland V Sushi Tei outlet has pretty cold AC, so this is always nice there. I really like their naruto too – very springy, almost the same texture as the shiitake mushrooms in the broth.


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