Dinner at Cornerstone, Bishan Park

We came here to celebrate J’s birthday. G chose the place because she really liked the desserts here, and they definitely did not disappoint. Since there were about 9 of us (the parents, children, and the children’s spice), we started with several small plates:

The spam fries were sort of weird. They weren’t really salty and for some bizarre reason, they were breaded. I’ve had spam fries at both Park and Relish and both of them leveraged on the superior power of spam to produce crispy skin. Why would anyone batter spam to make spam chips??

The deep fried calamari came in this extremely tiny serving and was only $2 (or something small like that) less than the grilled Hokkaido squid (below)

This was tender and perfectly charred. Definitely order this and not the calamari, which was over cooked and whose batter masks the taste (maybe intentionally?).

I had the spaghetti bolognese, which has a really rich bolognese sauce that is not that tomato-ey. Rather similar to the real deal in Italy, although they use a less complex blend of meats. Still, commendable, and one of the best I’ve had in Singapore.

The grilled cod was served on a banana leaf and was really tasty. It’s a pretty small fillet though, good for one person. They use regular cod you can get from the market though, not black cod/sablefish so the skin doesn’t crisp up like in japanese restaurants (it is too thick for that, as you can see in the photo).

Everyone else’s plates were too far away to photograph so I’ll move on to the desserts:

This is the two pudding platter, which consists of a bread & butter pudding and a hazelnut pudding. I liked this least out of the 3 types of desserts that we ordered. The hazelnut pudding in particular is pretty carb-y. If you like some savoury in your desserts the bread and butter pudding is for you.

I really liked this chocolate lava cake. Below that piping hot crust is a pool of liquid chocolate batter that is rather dark and not too sweet. It’s pretty large so 2 people can share it. In fact the same can be said for most of the desserts here.

This is the cake that G booked us a table at this restaurant for. We shared 3 of this inbetween us. I really like the sugar wafer and the earl grey mousse was so creamy and amazing. This is a must try if you are a fan of tea flavoured desserts (or even just chocolate desserts). The plating is so pretty too.

One of the most notable things about this restaurant is that there is a huge mirror right above the patissiere’s table just so diners can watch as she crafts and plates the desserts. That’s a rather novel concept and works far better at whetting the appetite than any appetizers/amuse bouches/aperitifs I’ve had. It makes you ensure that you leave enough room for dessert when you order!


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