Dinner at Kotobuki

We came here while scouting around Zhong Shan Park for a good place for dinner after checking out the Ramada’s location for our wedding dinner. The German restaurant opposite the Ramada seems to be a bit overpriced. There were some really divine zhi char smells coming from across the road but we didn’t know where in Balestier to go to exactly, so we wound up in Kotobuki.

Ordered my favourite Japanese food item here – dashimaki tamago. Not as good as Rakuichi’s, but decent enough.

The Yaki Gyoza were bad – skin too thick, hardly crisped, filling was not fresh. Oh well! Now you know.

We had this lovely grilled mentaiko cheese potato which is the first of its kind I’ve ever had and it’s delicious! I know Singaporeans don’t really like carb-y starters but this was really worth it.

The Yakisoba was also rather nice – springy noodles with a good serving of red ginger, chicken, and eggs.

They have a really extensive menu, somewhat like Shin Kushiya, which features a whole lot of skewers. We ordered the skewer platter, out of which the best skewers were the chicken wing one, which is excellent with a drizzle of lemon juice –

and the bacon wrapped asparagus-

There was also chicken skin, chicken balls, and bacon wrapped enoki. They were perfectly grilled, although I think the yakitori chicken can be better seasoned. Still haven’t found a yakitori seasoning that is better than Tori-Q’s

For dessert we had their crepe cake with chocolate fudge:

It was the first time either of us had ever tried a crepe cake, and we liked it quite a lot! Since then we’ve had the one from Awfully chocolate (very nice), but haven’t yet had a chance to try the famous one that has several flavours like cookies n cream and matcha in the Raffles City basement/Ion basement.

All in all, I really like this place, but it’s not super outstanding as far as Japanese restaurants go. Just that if you are stuck in Zhong Shan park, it’s worth consideration.


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