Dinner at Follia, Clover Way, Marymount

Follia’s website
3 Clover Way,
Singapore 579078
Tel: +65 6353 3995
Soon to be up on Chope!
Open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week :)

I’ve been waiting for this to open for forever! The back story: my best friend from primary school met this Italian guy four years ago in York, UK while she was studying there. (Being my best friend, of course she met him while eating in the restaurant.) He was managing the Bella Italia branch in York back then, but moved to Singapore after marrying her and has been working on opening this restaurant for almost a year. Finally it’s up! There’re a ton of things involved in opening a restaurant – ordering furniture, fixing up the electricity, the kitchen, renovating the place, buying the plates and the cutlery, putting up a sign, setting up the virtual presence, designing the menu, getting permissions from PUB etc, so many things I’ve never thought of and this is the fruit of his labour!

The flowers we sent them because we were so happy to see the finished product. The food was really good as well! We ate a ton that night and here are the photos to show for it.

We ordered this after seeing photos of someone else’s caprese salad during the launch. They use buffalo mozzarella, which has a much stronger flavour than regular mozzarella. This was delicious, especially the focaccia base.

Not your ordinary lobster bisque, as is probably obvious! The stock base seems to have a predominant prawn/lobster flavour but they simmer mussels, clams, prawns, crawfish, and even flower crab in this bisque, it practically makes for a meal. It’s like a bouillabaisse, but better. Something like a cacciucco but without the fish.

One of the starters we really liked – the potato gratin with taleggio and prosciutto. It’s like an umami bomb.

We also loved their mushroom risotto. I find many small home-y Italian restaurants in Singapore unable to pull this off satisfactorily but the chef here spent a few years working in Milan, and this is definitely the real deal – creamy arborio rice with a strong whiff of truffle.

The pizza base could use a smidge more salt, but it puffed up beautifully at the edges and was a solid Italian pizza crust. It’s amazing how they can do everything in such a tiny kitchen, and do it well to boot.

We wanted to try one thing from each section of the menu, so the secondo we had was the scaloppine milanese, which is a breaded veal chop in a porcini sauce. This was really very good, although I feel like it should be served with sauteed vegetables (spinach?) as opposed to a salad.

We tried three of the five or six desserts that they offer, and they were all quite nice, but the stars were clearly the panna cotta and the orange and white chocolate fondant.

Look at that oozing. It’s got the flavour of an orange chiffon cake but the richness of a chocolate fondant – a winning combination. I’ve never had this anywhere else and was extremely pleased to find something novel on the dessert menu.

Their tiramisu. A little strange.

His panna cotta was one of the softest and creamiest I’ve had in Singapore. Definitely worth a try.

They do really great after dinner coffee of course, as any Italian restaurant should. They also have really reasonable set lunches and their pastas are made in-house. Do visit if you are in the area!


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