Dinner at the French Ladle, Pandan Valley

We went to the French ladle earlier last month because of the groupon offer they had ($15 for a $30 groupon). This place is a rather inaccessible little restaurant in Pandan Valley that serves French styled fare. I wouldn’t recommend coming if you don’t drive or live in Pandan Valley.

The menu seems to consist of daily specials, but the “specials” repeat mostly. There’ll be a fish option, a chicken option, duck confit, steak frites, cassoulet, that sort of thing.

[bread and butter]
They start you off with chunks of baguette and softened herbed butter.

We had to order 4 mains among the 3 of us (one of the silly conditions of the groupon), so we got the grilled salmon [$28.90],

the whole chicken in white wine sauce [$29.90]

steak frites with bearnaise [$29.90]

and the duck confit [$26.90].

I liked the duck confit best, especially because of the crisped up bits of skin (the skin wasn’t fully crisped though, which means entrecote’s duck confit is better than this). The meat is tender and slick with duck fat. The steak was a little tough and didn’t really taste like a fresh cut of beef. The meat lovers at the table liked it though. The salmon was also quite a large portion and they had crisped the salmon skin perfectly while retaining the tenderness of the fish. I liked this second best. The least appetizing item was the chicken in a white mushroom sauce because the chicken itself was pasty and pale and did not undergo the Maillard reaction.

No starters for us because we had to work through 4 mains as it is. I think the only must-order here is the duck confit!

We did have one dessert though – profiteroles [$10.90], that is, vanilla ice cream in choux pastry covered in a belgian chocolate sauce with almonds. Very nice. Wish they filled it with creme patissiere and that the chocolate cream were more alcoholic but this is already one of the better renditions I’ve seen.


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